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Our Energy Body

My curiosity with the Chakra, Aura and Meridian system emerged from my love of working with the spine and the nervous system.

Believe it or not but these are all very closely linked.

The main reason I love sharing the information on our energetic body, is that it’s part of who we are.

It’s a part of us that we haven’t been taught about in order to keep us small.

We are so much more than we know we are. And the magic of it all, yes you guessed it lies in our connection with our energetic system.

That’s where the power lies, the connection between you and your Aura, chakras, meridians, the connection to your higher self and the energies that surround you.

Once we learn of these connections and learn to connect with our own energetic being we enable ourselves to take our power back.

Why? Because the more we know about ourselves and how our physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual body works the less we are dependent on others.

When we’re more independent and able to see to ourselves by knowing how to were more in balance with nature, more harmonious with our fellow beings, living more in our truth and very often living our lives full of love, compassion and joy.

If you’re intrigued and would love to find out more stay tuned for a workshop near you soon!

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