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About Me

Through my own healing journey I became passionate about assisting others on their journey to self too.

From Model Booker, young homeowner and single mother I experienced a burnout in my early 30's which showed itself as adrenal fatigue.


A time in my life where I was forced to start listening to my body and doing what is best for mind, body and soul.

Not an easy or pain free journey but one I am ever so grateful for and one that becomes easier and more aligned as I work through the various layers of my being.


A constant process of checking in and moving forward towards feeling good, happy and abundant. Allowing my life to flow as my blockages, old belief systems and programmings clear.


Eternally grateful for being able to assist you through the process of moving forward into a state of balance too, after having had 1st hand experience with burnout, adrenal fatigue, anxiety and overwhelm.


Do you feel called to live a better, happier and more aligned life? 

Then look no further! 

Together we can move mountains, together we can become whole and heal and love ourselves completely to step out into this world solid, with purpose and in alignment to our highest good and the highest good of all.

Thank you, Lovme



My Philosophy

In order to be happy, healthy and well functioning human beings we need to ensure that we are at peace with our past and accepting of the present.

We all have our challenges, our ups and downs. It is what we make of these that assists our growth, expansion and existence here on Earth.

It is time we all wake up to our immense greatness, our talents and innate capability of being extraordinary beings. To honour our path, the true calling of our soul, to act on this and live this out too. 

My philosophy is to assist as many women and teenagers as I am called to, to hold space in order for you to feel, embody and develop your self worth, inner strength, wisdom, voice and knowledge. In order for you to live a healthy, happy, fulfilled and well balanced life and for you to pass this knowledge onto your partner, children, friends and your children's children too.

We as women have the power to heal and help heal each other through love, patience and empathy. It is what this world is so needing right now.

Lovme, Nicole x 

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