Becoming familiar with our body, its ability as well as limits, is a great tool to assist us in achieving the very best out of life.


Our body, this amazing vessel that assists us in living our lives to the fullest is made up of many different layers, the three main aspects of our being are our physical, emotional as well as mental aspects that make us who we are. Sometimes working out what went wrong and trying to fix what happened isn’t as easy as one

thought it would be. This is where we step in and together we are be able to bring your being/body back into balance to find your very own personal equilibrium for you to do life as best as you can. It is all about being within the flow of balancing ones own personal equilibrium through life´s constant challenges and changes.




‘‘By learning to respect ourselves and treating our being with love and tenderness, we will be able to read the signs and prevent ourselves from falling out of equilibrium and balance, becoming happier, healthier and thriving human beings.”




Through the tools available we are able to assist you in finding your personal equilibrium by bringing a sense of balance back into your life, whether on a physical, mental or emotional level. Your body, your life, your choice.


Body Alignment

Spinal Flush



Yoga Therapy

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