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Nicole Angelika Panzer 

Kinesiologist & Holistic Practitioner 

Having moved from Cape Town to Austria I am so looking forward to being able to share my knowledge & gifts with you here too.


A 'Holistic Practitioner' since 2011.


Through my own healing journey I became passionate about assisting others on their journey to self too.

From Model Booker, young homeowner and single mother I experienced a burnout in my early 30's which showed itself as adrenal fatigue.


A time in my life where I was forced to start listening to my body and doing what is best for mind, body and soul.

Not an easy or pain free journey but one I am ever so grateful for and one that becomes easier and more aligned as I work through the various layers of my being.


A constant process of checking in and moving forward towards feeling good, happy and abundant. Allowing my life to flow as my blockages, old belief systems and programmings clear.


Eternally grateful being able to assist and do the same for others too.


Do you feel called to live a better, happier and more aligned life? 

Then look no further! 

WHY Lovme ?

Fear and stress are one of the main cause of burnout.  The feeling of not being in control of a situation or the fear of not being good enough often triggers this too. Being outside of our comfort zone can cause us to act out and most of the time not in a good way.  These fears relate to the stress feel within us, and from persistent stress with no way of recuperating the body will feel burned out.


Balances assists with.....

 For Adults 

  • mentally stressed through work responsibilities

  • wanting to improve your productivity 

  • wanting assistance with learning something new (language, computer program)

  • suffering from personal and work related stress

  • experiencing motivational problems 

  • experiencing burnout 

  • experiencing stress and anxiety 

  • poor immune system 

  • dyslexia

  • psychosomatic problems

  • emotional problems or difficulties

  • low self-esteem or self worth 

  • weight problems

  • social difficulties at home or at work 

  • addictions 

  • allergies & phobias 

For children & teenagers

  • specific learning disabilities 

  • difficulty with spelling, reading, writing 

  • dyslexia

  • concentration 

  • psychosomatic problems

  • emotional insecurities and difficulties 

  • test & exam anxiety 

  • motivational problems 

  • self esteem problems

  • addiction  

Member of the ÖBK Austrian association of Kinesiologists



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+ 43 677 6323 54 66

Maria Fertner Straße, 49/9, Bruck an der Mur, 8600, Steiermark, Austria 


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