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About Nicole  

Kinesiologist, Reiki & Yoga Practitioner 

Born in Johannesburg SA, having lived the majority of my life in Cape Town growing up enjoying all that this magical city has to offer.

A 'Holistic Practitioner' since 2011. Working with clients from all over the world. The name Lovme deriving from the word self-love, herewith loving self enough to work on self for inner growth and expansion. Now specializing in Women & Teens.


2019 August we moved to Austria to start a new adventure. I am so looking forward to being able to share my knowledge & gifts with you all from here too.


Specializing in . . . 

Empowering & Guiding Women and Teenagers in developing their inner knowledge, wisdom, voice and strength.

Burnout Prevention Program for Businesses, assisting those suffering from anxiety, stress, nervous tension and burnout through the art of mindfulness, relaxation & Yoga.


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Specialized Kinesiology 

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