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About Nicole  

Kinesiologist, Reiki & Yoga Practitioner 

Welcome to my page.


I am Nicole Angelika Panzer. Born in Johannesburg SA, I grew up in Cape Town SA and traveled to many parts of the world after finishing school.

After many years of working in different fields, I became passionate about alternative healing modalities through my own healing journey. After many years of attending workshops, courses and completing my studies I am honoured to now be able to assist others with their journey to health and wellbeing too.

Currently residing and working between Austria and South Africa, working with people in person and online. 

Specialising in - 

Assisting women and teens with stress management, anxiety and overwhelm. Working through blockages in order for you to move through your current 'imbalance' for you to move forward into alignment with your desired state of being. Doing so through the art and  facilitation of Yoga, Kinesiology, Energy and Frequency Work.

Facilitating Workshops and courses sharing my knowledge on our energy body, how to utilize this energy and the energy that surrounds us. Doing this for our highest good and highest good of all.



Specialized Kinesiology 

Frequency methods



  • 30 min

What Clients Say

“Nicole is one of the very special people I got to know in Cape Town. I partook in her yoga classes and all of them were a gift, a very personal journey to myself, which I never experienced again in a yoga class in this form, before or afterwards. I can still hear her soothing voice very clearly. I am very excited to know that Nicole is now living closer to Germany and hoping to see her again soon. I wish her all the best for her new journey in a new country! She is a real asset to have! ”

Belinda Wilson


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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