I am, I feel …



Do you have an injury that is not allowing you to move forward in life as freely as you would like to? Allow me to assist you with a Body Alignment assessment and treatment session for us to work out a programme best suited for you.

Most programmes consist of 3 to 4 Body Alignment treatments, depending on the severity of the physical ailment. This consists of Yoga Therapy classes to assist with current needs and Kinesiology to strengthen and support the nervous system. What’s unique about this programme is that each individual is treated according to their personal needs at the time.


Out of alignment

Do you live behind a desk, slouched over a computer the whole week? Are your neck and shoulders sore and your spine stiff? Are you suffering from headaches and a sore back? Let me assist you with bringing your body back into alignment with a Body Alignment (BA) assessment and treatment after which we might need to follow up with two to three additional BA treatments to make some adjustment suggestions to your seating and desk station at work. If need be, we will follow this up with some Yoga therapy classes to strengthen your core and posture as required.


Stressed / Anxious / Fatigued

Enjoy a soothing Spinal Flush treatment to relax body, mind and soul, as well as Yoga Therapy classes that will teach you how to move within and make use of postures as well as breath work to assist the body in relaxing, slowing down and energizing.

Through the use of Kinesiology, we are able to reprogramme your nervous system in order for you to approach life more effectively and give you the tools to handle challenging situations in a more balanced and manageable way.


Looking for guidance and a way forward

Are you feeling stuck, unhappy and not sure what to do with your life, which way to turn and how to move forward? Allow me to assist you with an assessment session and Kinesiology Balance to find a way through your blockage, into the clear. Paired with a soothing Spinal Flush and/or Reiki treatment to assist the body on all levels of your being. Mind, body & soul.

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