Yoga & Meditation 

A gentle Yoga practice designed to suit your current needs for a Private 1:1 session or for the needs of the class in a group setting.

Here you will learn how to breathe deeply and effectively so that your whole body thrives from the oxygen it receives.

Gently stretching and opening into areas where tension needs to be released opening and strengthen into areas that need strengthening.

 Yoga postures & breathwork assist us in moving deeper into your being. It teaches us how to listen to our body, to honour the signs it gives us and assists us in loving the vessel and skin that we were born into.

Yoga teaches us to slow down and assists in releasing tension, anxiety and stress, in a safe, gentle and relaxing way.

You will be able to take these tools home to use and incorporate into your daily life.

Corporate yoga classes offered too on request.

Free Yoga / Meditations classes for home use

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