Nicole’s clients explain why they keep coming back.


“The body is absolutely amazing and through my journey of self discovery I have found kinesiology to be the key to unlocking many layers that I tried to suppress. Nicole's passion for healing and the space in which she works just became so infectious I even started Yoga classes to create more flow in my life. I have loved every second of it and look forward to the next layers being unveiled and healed with the help of Nicole.”

– Kelly Stevie van Rensburg –


“Nicole (aka: the body whisperer) is an incredible healer and I have been to see many. I was referred to her for back & hip issues but ended up experiencing healing on a much deeper level. The fact that she is experienced in so many different types of healing allows her to work with the subconscious & conscious/ physical, emotional & spiritual. Even though I feel stronger then ever I plan to carry on seeing her at least once a month as gift to myself & to keep my being on track.”

– Kristin Weixelbaumer –


“To me Nicole offers a wide range of different healing modalities and is able to “meet you” and your body where it needs to be met. I know when I come for a practice, she is seeing the whole me and is working on my physical, spiritual and emotional balance with me. She can check in with your body. Nicole is then able to offer a holistic healing programme. I love that I can come for a practice thinking that I am doing yoga therapy and then she will check my body and instead she will give me a body alignment. She really is a rare find.”

– Dana –


“I started Yoga with Nicole at the beginning of this year and I have never looked back! When it comes to Yoga we all have unique physical abilities and responses and yet with Nicole's gentle guidance and her sensitivity to our individual needs we can enjoy this practise in the company of others. My Yoga time with Nicole nourishes my mind and spirit as well as my body and are now essential for my well being. I couldn't do without it. Thank you Nicole” xX

– Rukshani Heiyan –


“Nicole has been such a pillar to me in the last 6 months that I've been working with her. I feel so much better than when I first walked through her door and love all the modalities she uses to access healing. She is so easy to feel relaxed with and is incredibly intuitive which bypasses a lot of explaining and the need to be egoic. I look forward to furthering my progress with Nicole and can't wait for my next session. Thanks Nicole!”

– Anonymous –


“We started our Men's Yoga classes 10 months ago and it has been a blast. The sessions are great. We are all a long shot from flexible but Nicole (“Coach”) has a way of gently guiding us into all these wonderful positions that we would have never dared imagine. Through all the pain, what gives me relief is that my partner Yogis look at least as ridiculous as I do (I am actually convinced that they look worse than me. I mean, really, they look bad. No way I look like that...). The good thing is that this doesn’t matter and if anything, it sincerely adds to the fun. During class, we nearly do as much laughing as we do stretching. In the long term, all of us agree that Yoga has been very beneficial and helps our aging bodies to approach expiry date more gracefully. After class, you feel great for the rest of the day. Nicole’s Men’s Yoga classes truly lift the spirit and stretch the muscles, even those you didn’t know you had. At the end of each class, we lie down on our mats, Coach tucks us into a blanket, places bean bags over our eyes, and gently talks us through Shirvasana. What a way to start the day!”

– Hans Beushausen –


“I would not be able to imagine my life without the gentle guiding voice of that of Nicole!!! Every Yoga session is unique and rewarding. Self-discovery, a lot of introspection and personal growth is an guaranteed result. I'm an entry level Yogi, but fell in love with it!!! Thanks Nicole!”

– Jeanne Huellenhagen –


“I have been a client of Nicole's for more than 5 years now and would highly recommend all of her treatment modalities. I attend the yoga practice twice a week and that is what keeps me sane. The practice is gentle and has a healing focus, but is still a really good workout for the body, mind and spirit. My children also benefited from Nicole's children's' yoga classes and various workshops. Nicole has a great intuitive style and relates well to adults and children during her treatments. My kids have on occasion requested a treatment when they felt they needed some help.”

– Isabel Lynch –


“I adore all these modalities and am a Reiki healer myself so I really appreciate the beauty of all of them coming together. They have helped me centre and relax all while working on the deeper meaning of me as a whole.”

– Kelly Stevie –


Nicole as been working with my mother for over two years, providing yoga therapy sessions, and occasionally other modalities, in our home. My mother is in her early 70's, and has Alzheimer's disease, which has progressed from "moderately severe" to "severe" in the time Nicole has know her. Despite the difficulties this  presents Nicole has demonstrated unfailing patience and the ability to adapt exercises and, more importantly, the explanation of those exercises, so that my mother has been able to understand and perform them. The most significant overall benefit we have seen in mom's body is the substantial improvement in the shape of her spine. Her upper back had become very rounded, to the point it was affecting shoulder mobility. There has been significant correction of these through her work with Nicole. Mom always finishes yoga with a smile on her face. We have been very grateful for Nicole's therapeutic intervention, and her ability to understand and adapt to mom's situation.

– Melissa Tudsbury –


Nicole has been the Yoga teacher at the Therapeutic Learning Centre (TLC) based at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital since 2014.

In that role she provides weekly group classes to the inpatients who vary in age from 6-12years old. The TLC is a Psychiatric inpatient unit and the children who attend present with a range of complex needs (including Autism Spectrum disorder, ADHD, mood and anxiety disorders amongst others).

These needs often manifest in significant behavioural challenges and testing of boundaries. Despite these complex presentations Nicoles classes provide an oasis of calm for the children. Nicole brings a gentle sensitivity to her work and respect for their needs.

She is able to be both flexible and consistent according to the demands of the situation. Despite being faced with very challenging situations she has remained calm and this has been enormously beneficial for the children. I have consistently received very positive feedback from the children about the Yoga classes and how much they get from them.

While Nicole brings thoughtfulness and care to her work she also brings fun and as a result the classes are much loved. Some of the children are at the TLC for a number of months and Nicole is adept at first observing closely their needs and then building strong relationships, adapting her work accordingly.

She has also been professional and thoughtful in her interactions with other team members. In addition to her work with children and at our request she kindly agreed to doing some classes for the staff here at the TLC and those went down very well!

– John-Joe Dawson-Squibb

Clinical Psychologist

Therapeutic Learning Centre

Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Red Cross Children’s Hospital –