I contacted Nicole about a herniated disc in the lumbar spine. Although it was painless, the consequences were that my left thigh often became numb, especially when sitting and driving. Nicole carried out her treatment, which for me was very unusual (was my first), but not unpleasant.

I was informed by Nicole that the pain may come back in another place and that actually applied to me.

The problem with the lumbar spine or the numb thigh has gotten much, much better, but my shoulder pain, which I suffered some time ago, has come back. 

I contacted Nicole again and this time she performed a remote treatment. 

I described my problem to her via a message, we arranged a time and then I just had to relax. The treatment lasted about 1 hour, during which I was relaxing in bed. 

This time, too, the treatment was successful - the shoulder pain has disappeared.

Thank you very much Nicole I would definitely be calling on you again for a treatment when needed.

— Michaela, Klagenfurt, Austria

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