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Body Alignment


A treatment made up of two modalities, one being the Dorn & Breuss treatment that allows me to gently maneuver the skeletal system back into alignment, or as close to as possible. Through Trigger Point therapy, you will release muscular tension within the body. This releases the skeletal structure and therefore allows it to move back into place as it needs to. We end off with a Spinal Flush and Energy Work. Our body is often pulled out of alignment through injury or repetitive movement as well as bad posture, these tools will bring you back to your physical self.


Spinal Flush


Spinal Massage is the flushing out of the spinal fluid, reawakening the nervous system and meridian energies as well as the lymphatic system. This is specific to the back, spine and in between the vertebra. What this does is create space and elongates the spine. Ending off with Reiki to balance the body’s energy by clearing out blockages and reawakening your chakras to support you energetically, by upgrading your energetic frequency.



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This is a Japanese word, Rei, that means “universal wisdom” and Ki meaning “life energy”. Reiki is therefore vital life energy guided by universal wisdom. It is a powerful tool for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual healing and balancing whilst greatly enhancing personal growth.

The Ki energy is the vital flowing life force contained in all that lives. It is a whole and complete unlimited energy. All that is needed to receive Reiki energy is the desire to receive it. It is one of the easiest, most effective methods of natural healing by balancing the energies within the body.

In my practice, I tap into the Reiki energy to assist my clients with removing negative energies, balancing, clearing and releasing as well as upgrading, supporting and expanding the energy body. It is a lovely tool which assists both the client and myself to gather great insight into what is currently happening in the body, where it stems from and how best to move forward. Supporting the physical, mental and emotional body energetically, allows us to practice this method efficiently.

This treatment is hands on but the client stays fully clothed. It relaxes, soothes and energizes. The results of the treatment differ from client to client.




This is a gentle Yoga practice designed to suit your current needs. You will learn how to breathe deeply and effectively so that your whole body thrives from the oxygen it so desperately needs. Gentle stretches and movements soften, open and strengthen the areas that need attention. Yoga treatments help you learn how to move deeper into your being. It teaches you how to listen to your body, honour it and helps you to learn how to love the vessel and skin that you were born into. Slow down and release tension, anxiety and stress, in a safe, gentle and relaxing way. You will be able to take these tools home to use and incorporate into your daily life.


Specialised Kinesiology

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The International Association of Specialised Kinesiology defines Kinesiology in the following way;
“Specialised Kinesiology is the art of assessing the energetic systems of a person by using precision muscle testing as a biofeedback mechanism. Using the same feedback and Specialised Kinesiology methods, a Specialised Kinesiologist identifies appropriate protocols for promoting, restoring and
maintaining balance within these energetic systems. The Practitioner uses an educational model to improve his/her clients’ awareness and willingness to foster their own wellbeing.”

Kinesiology treats the whole person, to find out what is behind the symptoms.