Working with our Chakras

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Chakras are energetic centres in our being that connect us to the energetic world.

Transmuting the energies from our surroundings into our very being.

We have 7 main chakras I will be touching on in this article (there are many more chakras in our being which we will get to at some point too). These chakras are found at various points along our spine into the crown of our head.

  1. Base Chakra - red - base of our spine / coccyx

  2. Sacral Chakra - orange - below the naval

  3. Solar Plexus - yellow- v of our ribcage

  4. Heart Chakra - green / pink - heart centre

  5. Throat Chakra - blue - throat

  6. 3rd eye - indigo - mid forehead above your nose bridge

  7. Crown Chakra - purple / clear light - crown of your head

BASE Chakra

Starting with the Base Chakra the root chakra where we feel the connection with all that surrounds us, our country, our home, our family & friends. Even our work, space and environment.

• sciatica problems

• impotence

• hypertension

• prostate issues in men

• eating disorders

• chronic fatigue

• feeling disconnected

• lack of energy

• generalized fear

• anxiety

Practice these gentle postures every morning or early evening to assist with balancing your base / root chakra, assisting you in feeling grounded supported and well balanced.


Our next chakra that we will be working with is the Sacral chakra, situated just below your naval.

Here we have a orange ball of energy that receives the energy from the earth through our base chakra.

The Sacral chakra is in charge of our creativity and sexuality. Here when feeling unmotivated, are blocked creatively, feeling unbalanced within our masculine or feminine energies can be a sign that our Sacral chakra is unbalanced.

Our Sacral chakra is also closely related to our reproductive organs as well as our bladder & kidneys.

Perhaps we're experiencing impotence, lack of sexual drive or emotional distress, here are a couple of yoga postures you can do on a daily basis to assist with grounding and balancing the Sacral chakra.

Please note should your symptoms persist, contact your GP / physician.


The Solar Plexus Chakra is situated at the v of our ribcage and the centre of our spine. Here we connect to our self worth, esteem and inner wisdom. Connecting to our unique blueprint and our inner strength. The Solar Plexus chakra to me is where the 2 energies (heaven & earth) meet inside our being. As we still draw strength from the earth connecting with the sacral and root chakra we also begin to draw on the higher energies and chakras too.

When feeling low on energy, low on self worth it might be your while to connect to your SP chakra and to partake in some of these yoga postures or sequence to bring balance to this energy field within your being. Please note that if pregnant / or in physical pain to 1st clear these postures and exercise with your GP or physician. For any questions or more in depth information with regards to my work, please contact me directly. Blessings and love to you all! Namaste, Nicole x Lovme♡

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