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Full moon ritual

In preparation of the full moon in Virgo ♍️ I share with you my altar space and crystal grid.

An altar space is super special, a space that you can add your special touch to, place special ornaments and things of value and meaning to you.

In my case it’s crystals, to connect me to the earthy crystal realm as well as stars and planets in the galactic realm. A plant 🪴 to connect me to Mother Earth, the plant and animal kingdom and my ancestors. A candle for light, for hope, for clearing, cleansing, a fire 🔥 for transformation.

In this space I can connect deeply to self to my inner wisdom, my inner truth and joy.

By creating a crystal grid we amplify the energies we’d like to call into our life for the change, for the love, for the healing, so assist us in receiving for what we’re asking for.

How does this work you ask?

Well, we attract things into our life by matching our frequency to the frequency of that which we're calling into our life and what better way to do this by using crystals that match this frequency to amplify it!

For my crystal grid I have used a Quartz crystal cluster in the centre ~ clusters amplify the energy of the crystal and the Quartz crystals frequency is one to purify and amplify the energy and frequency of its wearer or in this case of what it's surroundings such as its surrounding crystals.

Next up we have 3 Citrine crystals ~ these hold the frequency for financial stability and success in what you do. followed by tumbled clear Quartz crystals and crystal spheres pointing inwards assisting with the amplification of the energies.

I have also placed small Aquamarine crystals on the grid ~ these hold the energy and frequency to assist with change, protection, new beginnings, calming, wisdom & loyalty.

Amathyst tumbles ~ spiritual growth, intuition, psychicic abilities and spiritual expantion.

Hematite ~ grounding and protection and a green crystal ~ connection to mother earth, fertility, healing, expansion of heartspace.

Last but not least some small Rosequartz crystals for love, friendship, gentle support and caring.

Once you know what it is you want to focus on bringing into your life you can then search for the right crystals to use for your crystal grid. You can also add petals, leaves and other natural elements if you like and have these handy.

There are different templates you can use or, in my case allow your imagination or your intuition to guide you.

Whilst building your crystal grid you can place your intention into it as you place each crystal down or each element which you're using.

At the end, take a few moments to take in the beauty of what you've just created.

Light a candle and place your intention into the grid once more, perhaps while doing so you can already feel the vibration of the energy of the crystals as you connect with these.

Allow the energy and the frequency to flow, expand into your surroundings.

See what comes up for you while you sit and meditate her for a while.

Wishing you all a magical full moon in virgo, let me know what your experience was and if you need any assistance with anything.

Get hold of a crystal shop near you depending on where you live.

In Cape Town I loved Magic Minerals in Philadelipia, Rock chick in Hout Bay and in Austria I can recommend Steinwelten in Graz & Wiener Neustadt oder online von Glückslicht.

Viel Spaß!!!!

Namaste, Nicole x

Lovme 💜

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