Anxiety & Stress = Burnout 

Anxiety and Stress if not taken care of often results in Burnout - One of the most common causes of disease and even death now days. It is often caused from the feeling of not having control over a situation, not being in control of the outcome, mostly by being fearful of an upcoming situation or event. Anything that takes you out of your comfort zone can cause one to feel anxious. This anxiety causes us to feel stressed and stress in the long run causes the body to burn out, by its inability to being able to recuperate fast enough. 

I know as this is exactly what happened to me in my early 30’s until I too needed to make healthy changes in my life. Having worked for one of the top Modelling agencies as a booker, owning my own home and being a young mom at the early age of 27 years old—all took its toll on me.

Combining what I have learned from my own experience with what I have come across in my practice, I have come to realise that only by learning how to look after our needs, prioritising our physical, mental and emotional state and strengthening our inner being can we support our own wellbeing and function at our optimum.

I was in my early 30s when my Super Woman outfit was stolen out of my cupboard, the 1st signs of chronic fatigue setting in. Thereafter I soon realised that I needed to completely change my life, in order for me to heal through rest and recuperation.

Stress & anxiety are high on the rise of not only touching the lives of adults from their early 20’s onwards but also children as young as 13/14 years of age and sometimes even younger —depending on their circumstances.

The demands of schools and learning institutions are overwhelming, not forgetting the peer pressure; bullying and the strong need to fit in.

 We constantly override our system and mistreat our body by pushing on through and trying to keep up with the daily demands. Not only do we override our physical body but our emotional & mental body too, only to eventually hit rock bottom.

Too often we find ourselves in a situation of trying to please others be it our partners, bosses, friends, family and even our children, leaving us feeling drained, irritated and often overwhelmed.

This is a perfect time to reassess ones situation, where am I at, what am I doing, what is really going on for me?

In order for us to live a healthy lifestyle we need to listen to the signs our body is giving us. We need to take time out to be able to read the signs, slow down and turn our attention inwards.

There are many different physical ailments that the body takes on in order to deal with stress / anxiety

  • Clenched Jaw 

  • Tight hips / pelvis 

  • Nervous tension 

  • Headaches 

  • Neck tension 

  • Back pain 

  • Fatigue 

  • Insomnia 

  • Lack of oxygen by not breathing correctly

Often clients come to me for physical ailments, mainly back, shoulder or neck pain only to determine that the cause of this physical ailment is due to emotional, physical or mental stress.

Having been in this situation myself and having been able to work through most of my fears, anxieties and stresses I am now happy to be able to be of assistance to others in using the exact tools that I was using for myself.

A list of modalities, which I practice which are great as a preventative for anxiety, stress and burnout:

All under the umbrella of Specialised Kinesiology, Reiki / Energy & Crystal Healing.

One of the biggest lessons I have had to learn to date was to ask for help.

This is such a vital thing when we are in the

moment of feeling helpless and even like a victim it feels like we are the only ones suffering. You are not alone and by asking for help and reaching out to others whether friends, family or facilitators, asking for help is a step in the right direction..

 In the end that’s what we’re all here for- to assist each other home.


Thank you!


Nicole Angelika Panzer 

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