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2021 coming to a close

It took me a couple of days to reflect back at all that 2021 brought me and to allow for the questions from my last post to sit with me a little before I answered them.

The challenges I was confronted with this year were so many:

  • having had my daughter be far away from me for way longer than planned

  • gearing up for another move, job and city change (which in the end didn't happen)

  • finding a new part time job

  • making my field of work and services I have on offer work despite all the restrictions placed upon us

  • keeping the faith that humanity still has a heart, that people still care about each other from the heart

  • keeping my values and morals in tact, not giving in and holding onto my inner power and strength

  • keeping my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health well balanced by constantly checking in on myself on all levels of my being

Lessons found in these challenges:

  • I feel on a whole the lesson I learnt from the challenges faced was how to stand in my truth and inner power

  • not too loose my cool, but in turn be patient with the world and myself

  • trust that what is meant to be will be

  • withstanding the heat and pressure placed on humanity, thanks to the tools I have to stay centred and balances as best I could through the use of Yoga, meditation & Kinesiology

Reaction to these challenges:

(had a little giggle here as of course I would like to share with you that I reacted in a calm and collective manner but unfortunately or should I say fortunately that was the after effect)

  • my the initial reaction was mostly a feeling of overwhelm, of freezing and feeling that i was stuck in the wrong movie

  • disbelief

  • there were most definitely many tears shed this year.

What am I grateful for:

  • for my amazing bond with my daughter, family & friends

  • for my own inner strength & wisdom that just keeps on surprising me

  • the strength of the community around me both visible as well as the invisible spiritual support too

  • grateful for our health, have a roof over our head and fridge full of food, a car with petrol in it to get from a - b

  • grateful to have contracted the virus and have had mild symptoms due to our amazing nutritional supplementation we have been on for the last 4 months

  • for my mostly positive mindset

Growth and expansion:

  • I see this in the way I behave now, my thoughts and mostly non judgment towards others and self

  • my faith & excitement of the unknown

  • my trust that all is exactly how it should be and that all will be well

  • once again seeing that only I am in charge of my happiness, growth and expansion and no one else

There have been many moments this year where I have wanted to throw in the towel and just give up, but i am super grateful that I didn't. That so many of us didn't. That we kept our faith, that we kept believing in ourselves and knowing what is right for us.

The truth is and I know I have mentioned this a lot in the past couple of months on my instagram posts but the truth is that love and the truth will always win.

Fear and the wrong power, the power of division and separation have no chance as this is inhumane. We people have a soul, our soul needs love for us to survive, for us to thrive!

My wish for all of us for 2022 is for us to connect to our inner wisdom, our inner power, our inner truth. For this to set us free from the chains and blockages that only we ourselves put in our way. For us to thrive instead of merely survive. For us to have the best most transformative year ever!!!!!

Sending you all so so so much love, light and blessings.

Lovme, Nicole x

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