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This workshop was born through the creation of my practice, my work and my life. What I uncovered over the years has assisted me on my journey, my studies and I now use the tools on a daily basis for myself and clients alike.

Before I started my journey in heath and wellbeing I was very unhappy with my life, my work and the person that I had become.  In fact, my body had already forewarned me that a change needed to occur when I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue.  Through my studies over the years, I have come to understand that my body was merely telling me that something was wrong with the way I was doing life and that it was imperative that I changed course.

I listened to my body and did exactly that, but it wasn’t always easy.  Some days were so dark and daunting that I didn’t know how I would come out the other side, but I did and I am so grateful that I listened to my body, as now my life is on a constant upward spiral.  Of course we never stop learning and of course we will always have hurdles to overcome, but the hurdles become much more manageable the further along the journey you are.  If life was so perfect with no room for growth, our journey on this earth would be complete.

What to expect when embarking on this 5 week Coming Home e-course.

  • You will start a gentle journey of getting to know yourself better.

  • Get to know your being, your body, your mind and your soul’s desires and how all of those aspects are connected.

  • Partake in breath work exercises and learn to breathe deeply, which will assist you with certain situations e.g. stress and anxiety.

  • Enjoy easy and gentle yoga postures building up to a gentle sequence.

  • Learn different techniques of meditation.

  • Learn to put yourself back onto your path of health and happiness even when life happens and you are thrown off track.


My goal and aim is for you to start the journey of finding your way back home, back to your true essence of being and in doing so, discover a sense of wholeness from within.

This workshop is broken into different modules, which will be emailed to you on a weekly basis.

Please do not feel at all pressurized to complete each and every single task at hand, we all have our own way of processing and doing life.  Saying that, life also has it’s own way of showing up for us too. As we go along and you receive your material, there might come a time when you need some input, explanation or a little assistance with your progress and process. Within this package I have included a 1 x free 20min Skype session a week as well as correspondence via email. Please note that for these Skype sessions it would be a good idea to write down in advance of the session, exactly what it is you would like to discuss, as well as the queries you may have in order for us to make full use of the 20 minutes made available to you. With regards to emails, these can be sent to me at any time.
I will revert back to you no later than 48hrs after your email has been received.

All correspondence is treated as strictly confidential.  You will be required to sign a code of conduct form in order to ensure that both parties concerned are well looked after and treated with the utmost respect. 

The full essence of the
Coming Home E-course


It is a platform, a space of sacredness within the comfort of your own home. A safe space, for you to unravel, for you to slowly undo the knots of life that have caused you to arrive at the place you find yourself at now.  Perhaps a little stuck, unsatisfied with life, unhappy or just simply searching for more.

Whatever the case may be, know this – “Change is a constant and in order to change your life and turn it into what you want it to be, we need to do the work in order to get there.”

Do you want to live a more fulfilled life, to be in touch with the true core essence of your being? Then look no further. Allow me to assist you in finding your way back home with this easy to follow 5 week, step by step, supported self unraveling program.  Working at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to gently integrate from what has become, to where you want to and are supposed to be.

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Coming Home E-Course

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