Weekly card reading 15 - 22 January

This weeks card reading was done with the “healing power of the bird kingdom” Bird Cards by

Jane Toerien & Joyce van Dobben.

I was drawn to these cards for this weeks reading as I am feeling like I am currently dangling a little in mid air.

Finding myself in the middle of then (past) and now (present), the Bird Kingdom in this case, being the best earth creatures to receive some guidance from.

Perhaps some of you are feeling much the same.


Our 1st card is the Shrike - Shrike energy is harsh and formidable. The ‘butcher bird’, which impales its pray on thorns and barbed wire, is an accurate expression of what this energy feels like.

The Shrikes energy is great to work with when we are needing to be a little ruthless or callous in some area of our life. Sometime this energy is necessary to get something done or to remove someone or something that is jamming up a process that needs to move forward. Here you need clarity, intent and absolute trust in your own power to create good.

Shrike energy often manifests with anger. You can use this anger to break through a deadlock, but it must be righteous anger; don’t cast blame or diminish someone else worth. Use the anger like a sword, to cut through what is obscuring the real issue - then you will be using Shrike energy in a very healing and constructive way.

If you call upon the overnighting consciousness of the Shrike to be with you when you strike, you will find the rapier thrust of the anger is absolutely effective, and that you can distance yourself from the turbulence the anger produces in you.

Affirmation: “I ask the overnighting consciousness of the Shrike to be present as I align with my highest good to break through this situation.”

Looking at the beautiful drawing on the card I often feel that the picture speaks to me more than the description of the card. For me this picture resonates with what currently is, I know a lot of us have been going through hardship having to make some tough and often selfish choices in order to break the old mould of limiting beliefs. Here there Shrike is seated on a bob-wire fence with a cord beneath it. A sword to me represents the cutting of the past and the present, the releasing of negative energy. Beyond in the background you can see the clouds clearing a little green spot on the hill (green the colour of change) light the golden cross the salvation. All will be well.


Our 2nd card is the Peacock - The Peacock and his mate the Peahen, carry the vibration of the all seeing wisdom of God. The beautiful plumage and tail off the Peacock are glorious reminders of the exquisiteness and wonder to be found in nature. The countless different forms and colours, each unique but also absolutely a part of the whole.

Drawing this card is a form of letting you know how blessed you are. Hold the thought in your heart this week that you are deeply loved by an all seeing presence that knows exactly who you are and where you belong. We are never truly alone.

Peacocks and Peahen bring understanding into the world - the deep heart - wisdom that comes through battling with the paradox of life. Joy comes through finding the way beyond the paradox of opposites to the still centre where all is one.

The single eye of the peacocks tail is the ‘I’ within which everything in the universe resides. The overnighting consciousness of the Peacock and Peahen can be called upon to help you to take the next step of your journey towards yourself.

Affirmation: “I invite the overnighting consciousness of the Peacock to bring me the vision that I need now to move forward.”

What a beautiful card to follow that of the Shrike, using our current situations to propel us forward in order for us to truly grasp the wonder and magic of our lives. Releasing and letting go of all that no longer serves us in order for us to truly blossom. In order for us to do so we are asked to look within for us to see a clearer picture.

And as the drawing shows us the beautifully peacock standing there in all his pride standing on a piece of Malachite (symbolises the lush and verdant hues of nature in full bloom. A great spiritual makeover. Progress is not measured in material riches but with spiritual treasures found deep within the heart.) The Symbol of the 3rd eye placed on his chest inline with his heart and the path behind him one leading to a sacred space of worship.

So what ever you do this week be sure to use your anger (second emotion to sadness) to assist you to propel you forward cut your losses, remove the negative energy, move on from your negative situation or even rise above your negative thoughts by cutting them out of your system. Ask the overnighting consciousness of the Shrike to assist you here.

Then allow your vibration to rise allow yourself to vision your future not by seeing through your two eyes but rather through the feeling of your heart. Here ask the overnighting consciousness of the Peacock to assist you with a clearer vision from your hear.

thank you!