Practicing Personal Equilibrium with Lovme

Photo by  Natalya Letunova

What is Practicing Personal Equilibrium all about?

To begin with I like to see the human body as a whole, one being from head to toe. 

Whether a client walks into my practice or calls me for an appointment I can already sense from them telling me what they would like to book their appointment for and how to best approach the matter using the tools I have available.

So how do I do this?

I receive bookings to treat various ailments, such as;


Physical Ailments

·     Sore lower back 

·     Tight shoulders & neck

·     Headaches 

·     Sore knees 

·     Slipped vertebral disc 

·     Herniated disk


·     Heartache

·     Grief / loss 

·     Depression 

·     Low self esteem 

·     Feeling of not being good enough 

·     Emotional turmoil with self and in turn with all that surrounds one


·     Stress 

·     Anxiety 

·     Fatigue 

·     Insomnia 

·     Feeling stuck 


From these 3 categories I am able to see where the client needs most of the attention in order for us to bring them back into balance.

Photo by  Toa Heftiba

Photo by Toa Heftiba


We introduce the Body alignment session, which is made up of the Dorn & Breuss technique and Trigger point therapy.

The Dorn & Breuss assist in bringing the clients skeletal structure back into balance as much as possible and the Trigger point therapy assists us in releasing tension in the muscles in order for the skeletal body to move back into alignment.

This session is then ended off with some energy work in order for us to not only balance the physical but the emotional, mental and energetic systems too.

Here typically 2 – 3 sessions are needed and spaced out no more than 5 days of each other as the body likes to jump back into its old comfortable ways. In order to prevent this we schedule follow ups to gently guide the body back into its healthy functioning and aligned posture as much as possible.

Photo by  Serrah Galos

Photo by Serrah Galos


We use the art of muscle testing and assist the body’s nervous system in allowing the client to do life better by various different protocols that Kinesiology has to offer us. 

This is a beautiful technique, which works on a cellular basis restructuring and reprogramming the nervous system, old patterns and beliefs that are outdated and no longer serving us. 

Sessions are generally followed up on as per the nervous systems indicates this can be in a couple of days time, weeks or even months. Bearing in mind that life happens and we always do the best we can in the moment.


For clients who are feeling mentally out of balance I offer a Spinal Flush which is a soothing and relaxing massage to the spine reawakening the nervous, energetic, lymphatic and endocrine systems too. 

The spine to me is the most precious thing about the human body as it houses the connections between body, mind and soul. The massage is ended off with an energetic balance making use of Reiki and intuitive guidance. 

Here we can also assist the client with a Kinesiology balance as well as a full Reiki session. Reiki is channeling the universal life force energy of love into the client’s physical, mental and emotional state balancing out the energetic being with sacred symbols and intuitive guidance. Reiki can be done in person or remotely.

For all three aspects I also use Yoga therapy, it is a great tool.

Mentally & Emotionally: Yoga therapy is great to soothe the mind by making use of different breathing techniques, as well as Yoga Nidra, which is a form of relaxation. Allowing the mind and body to rest and to nourish the nervous system in a healthy restful manner.

Physically: depending on the discomfort one is feeling, a suitable remedial yoga session will be created. In order to assist the body in strengthening that which is weak and releasing and surrendering into areas that have been over compensated. By doing this we assist the body in flowing back in to a balanced state of being.

Practicing Personal Equilibrium with clients is a very special and unique technique where each individual is seen and programs/treatments are tailored to suit their current needs. 

My passion is to in-still and restore a sense of balance back into my clients and to assist them in familiarising themselves with their needs, their body and their whole being. This then equips individuals with tools to assist him or herself in bringing themselves back into balance again. 

The beauty about my practice is that sessions (aside from Body Alignment) can be done via Skype, Zoom or energetically via distance healing too.

Ultimately we have all we need to connect and assist ourselves. Due to the demands of daily life we have forgotten how to tap into this or were never taught to begin with but this can all change.

Thank you! 


Nicole Angelika Panzer x